So you’ve made the New Year’s Resolution to eat healthy. Hello chicken and broccoli, goodbye pizza… right? WRONG! Continue enjoying your favourite meals AND smash out your goals this year, with my recipe makeover tips.

Enjoy your favourite meals, recreated with a healthy twist!

Thai green curry:
Turn up the heat and turn down the calories by:

  1. Choosing a lean protein source as your base, such as chicken breast fillets or firm tofu
  2. Replacing regular coconut milk and cream with Nestle Carnation Evaporated Milk with Coconut Essence. This will save you 15g – 30g of total fat per 100ml, respectively! This is also a better option that selecting the ‘light’ coconut milks or creams.
  3. Alternatively, use a combination of plain yoghurt and coconut water
  4. Serving with ‘cauliflower rice’, or a ‘combination rice’ of half cauliflower and half basmati

Check out my Curry recipes (I love curry, so I have many) here – link to recipe tab

Vegetarian lasagne with béchamel sauce:
Make your pasta ‘smarter’ by:

  1. Replacing traditional bechemal sauce with low fat smooth ricotta
  2. Choosing wholemeal lasagne sheets instead of the regular white
  3. Replacing some pasta layers with sliced pumpkin and eggplant (or vegetables of your choice), and adding legumes and/or veggies in the tomato sauce to increase the fibre content

Check out my healthy vegetarian lasagne recipe here (link)

Thin-crust pizza:
Hooray! There IS a healthy way to enjoy pizza! Start by:

  1. Trying a different base – wholemeal pita bread works really well if you like your pizzas thin and crusty! A low carb alternative is to make a cauliflower base, but choose your recipe wisely – if it contains more almond meal, oils or cheese than cauliflower, its no longer a healthier alternative!
  2. Experimenting with your cheeses – try low fat grated cheddar, or even better, low fat ricotta, which is lower in saturated fat and in salt.
  3. Replacing the salami and deli meats with leftover cooked lean meats, shredded BBQ chicken without the skin, or smoked salmon.

Check out my healthy salmon and ricotta pizza recipe here

Keep your street cred’ AND your waistline in check with these burger makeovers:

  1. Make your own beef patties using extra-lean, or ‘heart smart’ beef mince. This will save you 11g of total fat and 250kJ calories per 100g, compared with regular beef mince. Alternatively, try a super-lean kangaroo burger pattie!
  2. Substitute ¼ – ½ of the mince in your recipe with tinned kidney beans. This will save you 5g of total fat and add 6.5g of dietary fibre per 100g, helping you feel fuller for longer. While you’re at it, try adding grated carrot and zucchini as well!
  3. Replace the brioche or standard burger bun with a small capeseed roll, or use a few large ice-berg lettuce leaves for a ‘low carb’ option.

Check out my healthy beef burger recipe here

Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Brownies:
It IS possible to create a delicious chocolate dessert without added sugars or oils! But, because we are talking about baking, my advice needs to be a little more specific! So lets skip the tips and go straight to my recipe suggestions.

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