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Meet the founder

Hi! I am Samantha Stuk – an Accrediting Practicing Dietitian and Sports Dietitian, and founding director of The Nutrition Code. I love developing custom food solutions and behavior change strategies just for you, that not only achieve your nutrition goals, but also enable you to live a healthier, stronger, and most importantly – happier life.

I have almost 10 years of experience advising all age groups, from children to adults.

I particularly specialize in helping with:

  • Food allergy and Intolerance; including the gluten free diet, low FODMAP diet and the RPAH/Failsafe low food-chemical diet. Find out more (link)
  • Healthy weight management; including meal planning, portion size guidelines, and minimizing non-hungry eating. Find out more (link)

I can also help you achieve these nutrition goals: Find out more (link):

  • Improving skin health and integrity; including acne, eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis.
  • Achieving nutritional balance with vegetarian or vegan diets
  • Reducing cholesterol or controlling blood sugar levels
  • Women’s heath, including menopause or polycystic ovaries
  • Optimising fitness, strength and physique for sports performance
My Mantra

Believe in yourself. It is possible to find your ideal eating patterns, and to change the way you eat long-term. This is true whether you want to lose weight, manage a food allergy or intolerance, improve the condition of your skin, maintain a balanced vegan or vegetarian diet, or for any other nutrition goal.

But all of us are unique. I’ve found that trying to follow a ‘one size fits all’ diet plan doesn’t work. Neither does relying on Dr. Google, or copying a friend. If you rely on these methods, you may be setting yourself up to fail.

In fact, just like a thumbprint, everyone has his or her own ‘Nutrition Code’. Your ‘Nutrition Code’ will be a unique combination of meal ideas, portion sizes, exercise patterns and strategies that address your specific goals, and fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.

This is where I can help. I specialize in unlocking your ‘Nutrition Code’, providing support and guidance throughout the process, from goal setting to implementation, to ensure you reach your end result.

My Journey

I experienced my own challenges with food and body image growing up. A number of years ago, I was diagnosed with mild irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and entered into a bad cycle of dieting in order to lose weight. I was punishing my body. I over-restricted the foods I loved. I consumed way too many vegetables that left me bloated and uncomfortable. I exercised excessively (and hated it!). I even refused most social events that included food, or clashed with a gym class. At the time, I thought that all of these behaviours would make me ‘healthier’, and therefore ‘happier’. But they didn’t… and after being diagnosed with anxiety and insomnia, I knew I needed to make a change. I needed to start focusing on my wellbeing, not my weight!

So, I enrolled to study Nutrition and Dietetics, and became my own first client.

Why am I telling you this? I want you to know that I have personally experienced some of the challenges you may be facing. I also understand that changing old habits when it comes to food is not easy. I had to work really hard to overcome my own food demons, and I know what it takes to succeed.

At the start of my journey, I enlisted the support of a skilled dietitian to guide me, and to be ‘on my team’. It really made a difference. Then, with my continued training as a dietitian, I developed a further range of nutrition and behavior change techniques to support myself, and all types of people wanting to make a lasting change. These ideas have worked hundreds of my clients, and I hope they can work for you too.

My credentials

Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Nutritionist
Accredited Sports Dietitian
Listed professional with Coeliac Society of Australia, Failsafe Diet and Diabetes Victoria
Worked in some of Melbourne’s major hospitals for 7 years (Western, Cabrini)
Public Speaker, Supermarket Tour Guide, Cooking Demonstrator and Nutrition Writer

Who I’ve Worked With:

Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics with Honours from Monash University
Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Accredited Sports Dietitian
Working with Cabrini Hospital and The Nutrition Code
Supermarket and Food Market Tour Guide
Public Speaker
Nutrition Writer

Organisations I’ve Worked For:

Organisations I’ve Collaborated With:

Still have questions?

If you still have questions about the way I work or how I can help you, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me here.

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